Who are we 

Latin Dreamers Dance Project is an initiative with a primary aim to revolutionise Latin dancing in India.Founded in April 2015 by two of the most experienced Latin dancers in India, Bhavin Shukla & Soonruta Kothadia, Latin Dreamers Dance Project is the perfect blend of talent, passion, excellence and dedication towards authentic Latin dancing.
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What People Say

Chetan Shimpi
Chetan Shimpi A Latin Dreamer,

I shall be completing two years of salsa on the 5th of May 2015 and half the reason for making it this far is Bhavin & Soonruta. Obviously the other half is me. For the first time I realized how learning can be made fun and yet at the same time not lose focus from your objective. I’ve met two great dancers who are excellent teachers. There unique ability of simplifying complex dance moves and relating each and every move to the basics is truly commendable. There strong emphasis on musicality has helped me in understanding dance even better. When they are around, during a class or a social, you are under complete surveillance for your footsteps or body postures and that constantly keeps you on your toes.

Neha Rana

I started learning from Bhavin and Soonruta in 2013. Ever since, I have been in admiration of their teaching technique. They conduct classes in a very friendly manner and are very well versed about what they teach.
Their knowledge in musicality and technique has helped me a lot. Students share a comfort level with them and there are no inhibitions to give inputs or feedback. Also, if you want to learn footwork, no better place to learn from. Would definitely recommend people to learn from them.


December 2017

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