Who are we 

Latin Dreamers Dance Project is an initiative with a primary aim to revolutionise Latin dancing in India.Founded in April 2015 by two of the most experienced Latin dancers in India, Bhavin Shukla & Soonruta Kothadia, Latin Dreamers Dance Project is the perfect blend of talent, passion, excellence and dedication towards authentic Latin dancing.
We are here to bring about a change in the way people perceive Latin dancing through – High quality international level teaching syllabus, Specialised education of Latin music , Awareness about the Latin dancing culture , Showcasing of quality Latin dancing.

Our vision is to see people embrace Latin dancing as a part of their lives.


About the Founders

Bhavin Shukla 

Bhavin has been dancing for 7 years and teaching for 6. He is one of the youngest and most accomplished dancers in India along with being one of the best teachers. He’s extremely popular for his lively, fun and innovative teaching techniques. He is considered as one of the best leads on the dance floor in India.

Soonruta Kothadia 

Soonruta has been dancing for over 6 years and teaching for 5. She has 6 years of experience in Indian Classical dancing. She is loved for her effective, precise and comprehensive teaching techniques. Her elegance, fluidity and unique styling puts in the list of one of the best and smoothest follows in the country.


Bhavin and Soonruta partnered up in 2011 and have been teaching and performing together ever since. They are trained by various national and international experts and their specialisation is Salsa & Bachata. They have technical expertise in the subject matter and have successfully created an all-inclusive curriculum that provides an all-round education in Latin dancing. Their classes are popular for being extremely informative, innovative and fun. Bhavin and Soonruta’s shows and performances have gained popularity because of the quality content, unique musical interpretation and clean presentation.Together they attempt to give a new shape to the Latin dancing in India and share the love of dancing among everyone.



Salsa is one of the most popular Latin dances in the world. Salsa music and dancing originated in Africa and shortly gained popularity across the world like a sensation. Today, Salsa is danced in every major city in the world. Originally a street form of dancing, Salsa can be danced with a partner as well as solo. Salsa can be a sponteneous social dance as well as can be choreographed for stage. The moves highly depend on the connection with the music.


One of the most loved Latin social dance forms, Bachata, is originated in Dominican Republic. Two major styles of Bachata are popular across the world – Urban Bachata and Dominican Bachata. This dance form is danced with a partner more often than solo, yet in both cases, Bachata has intricate footwork. Bachata, known as the playful and often romantic dance form, is gaining tremendous popularity across the world.

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